EzyFit Foam Marker Kits


Quality and Affordability



We sell complete foam marker kits for sprayer (or fertilizer) applications. They are invaluable in tracing your steps whilst spraying, saving chemical and time and vastly improving your spraying efficiency. We have sold and fitted many of these units.

Commercially manufactured in our Australian factory, they are simple, robust and reliable, easy to fit and come with all necessary parts. All hoses, fuse, switches, wiring, fittings, air pump, consisting of some a minmum of 26 different parts. (you only need a 20-25 lt chemical drum to use for your tank and a piece of steel on which to mount the foam head as these items are expensive to freight and most people have or can obtain them easily and cheaply- we show you how)

Most comparable units will sell for $1000-$2000. We have attempted to keep the materials and fittings simple and robust, tested them extensively with the benefit being we can now recommend these units with confidence. For example, our foam heads are assembled from PVC with brass fittings, enabling them to deal with the impact that can occour at the end of the boom.

Suitable for both small and large booms up to 30 metres. Many of our customers cannot justify the high cost of our competitors units.

You simply need to have a 12-volt supply from your tractor, vehicle, 4 wheeler, boom-less sprayer or a suitable battery to run the air pump. It is designed for continuous use. Foam is controlled from the driver's seat and rate is easily adjustable with no electronics issues. All necessary electrical components are supplied.

We can also supply double ended electronic versions, which come with a prewired switch panel enabling full control from the tractor seat. You just plug it in. Phone or email us for a price.

We would challenge anyone to find a better unit. It is designed to last and work reliably for many years. We are available with advice to help you with fitting should you purchase one. It includes fully illustrated fitting instructions – with all electronic versions coming pre wired

One happy customer emailed me the following…

Finally got to use your foam marker today the weather has not been right for spraying – if you ever need to give a reference on this product to help sell one don’t hesitate in giving anybody my name – it’s a cracker” – Regards, Brian.

If you have any doubts or questions about the suitability for your application, then please contact us - 0412455436 – We are happy to answer all of your questions - as we do not want to sell you this unit if it doesn’t suit your application.

Price is just $495 + $35 delivery Australia-wide ($530 total).

Payments can be made by Cash, Credit Card, PayPal or Direct Deposit.